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Platform Enhancements:

Review “What’s New with accessOPTIMA” (under the “Updates” tab below) to discover newly available features and functionalities.

accessOPTIMA is a security–enhanced treasury management platform with real–time information, seamless payment functionality and practical tools to help you meet daily cash flow requirements and make well–informed business decisions.


Check back for updates and new releases throughout 2020.

ACH Updates


Current Month: ACH Tax/Child Support Updates

Previous Month: ACH Tax/Child Support Updates

New Releases


accessOPTIMA Wires in CNY Currency

Token Screen Changes in accessOPTIMA

accessOPTIMA Soft Tokens FAQs

What’s New with accessOPTIMA

Book Wires in accessOPTIMA



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System Requirements



Take advantage of the training videos and guides to help you get familiar with the platform.

Getting Started


accessOPTIMA User Guide

accessOPTIMA Video Demonstration

Product Information


accessOPTIMA Product Sheet

Upcoming Nacha Operating Rules Changes

Login and Navigation


Video: Accessing the System for the First Time

Video: Adding and Managing Widgets

Video: Using Filters and Managing Column Headers

Video: Navigating accessOPTIMA

Wire Payments


Quick Tip: Creating an International Wire

Quick Tip: Scheduling a Template Payment

Video: Processing a Wire Transfer

Video: Wire Payments in accessOPTIMA

ACH Payments


Quick Tip: Creating ACH Payments

Quick Tip: Scheduling a Template Payment

Video: Creating an ACH Template

Video: Processing an ACH Batch

Video: ACH Payments in accessOPTIMA

Transfers and Stop Payments


Video: Processing a Corporate Account Transfer

Video: Placing a Stop Payment

Video: Transfers, Stop Payments and Check Inquiry

Fraud/Risk Management


Quick Tip: Decisioning for Positive Pay/Reverse Positive Pay

Video: Creating a Single Positive Pay Issue/Void Item

Video: Importing Positive Pay Issues/Void Files

Video: Fraud and Risk Management in accessOPTIMA



Quick Tip: Balance and Transaction Reporting

Video: Accessing a Legacy Report

Video: Exporting Information

Video: Information Reporting in accessOPTIMA

User Maintenance


Video: User Maintenance

Video: accessOPTIMA User Maintenance



Quick Tip: Creating an Import Map and Import Files

Video: Importing a NACHA File

Video: Importing Files in accessOPTIMA

Mobile and Alerts


Quick Tip: Mobile App and E-Z Deposit

Video: Creating an Alert



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