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Delivering Strategic Insights and Financing Solutions for Aerospace, Defense & Government Services Providers

With over 20 years of experience supporting Aerospace, Defense & Government Services providers, our dedicated team of bankers has earned a reputation for unparalleled responsiveness, objective and practical advice, and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to offer mission-critical and consultative services. Our expertise in the services sector enables us to design and execute financial strategies that support operational efficiency, organic growth strategies and M&A initiatives to help our clients achieve their goals.


To find out more about our capabilities and how our industry experience could be of value to your company, contact our team:

Aerospace, Defense & Government Services Corporate Banking Team

Daniel Darnell, Jr.
Head of Aerospace, Defense & Government Services Banking
(703) 245-7033

Dan Laurenzi
(703) 245-7027

Tracy Van Riper
(703) 610-6067

Hana Deiter
Managing Director
(480) 599-0929

Capital Markets & Corporate Finance

Dillon Bowles
Managing Director, Corporate Finance
(704) 496-5812

Jeff Harrick
Managing Director, Corporate Finance
(704) 496-5810

Jack Lowe
Managing Director
(704) 496-5861

Portfolio Management

Peggy Sanders
Senior Vice President
(703) 610-6096

Darran Wee
Senior Vice President
(312) 777-3586