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Your Citizens Daily FiX email contains FX information on the currencies checked below. Check or uncheck a currency to add or remove it from the currencies included in your daily email. You can select up to 10 currencies and include up to 2 charts. When finished, click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.


Select up to 10 currencies and 2 charts

Citizens FX Insights

If you’re still primarily trading in U.S. dollars, please take a minute to read our recently published white papers that explain the benefits of doing business in your trade partners’ local currencies. (Downloads will open in a new tab.)

FX_Exporter_Paying_SuppliersDealing in Local Currencies Makes Sense for Exporters

FX_Importer_Local_CurrenciesPaying Non-U.S. Suppliers in Their Currencies Makes Sense for Importers