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With the challenges and uncertainties of today’s tax, regulatory and economic environments, companies need a financial partner who can help them navigate market conditions and better protect their businesses from currency and interest rate risk. Our dedicated Global Markets team applies their risk management expertise to deliver tailored solutions that help companies reach their potential.


Foreign Exchange

To achieve sustainable growth, businesses often look to expand internationally. Unfortunately, global reach means businesses also face currency volatility and exchange rate risks. Our team can help you mitigate these risks and navigate cross-border commerce with the following solutions:

  • Spot contracts guarantee a conversion exchange rate between two currencies for settlement in one or two business days
  • Forward contracts guarantee a conversion exchange rate between two currencies for settlement beyond two business days
  • Option contracts offer the ability to protect the value of your foreign cash flows at customized exchange rates
  • Cross currency swaps effectively manage your debt to asset profile by synthetically creating foreign currency debt
  • Non-deliverable forwards provide risk protection in emerging market currencies that are highly regulated
  • Foreign currency accounts manage the collection of foreign cash flows and respond more effectively to changing market conditions

Interest Rate

With years of experience, our derivatives specialists collaborate with you to identify key interest rate risks and exposures. Through a thorough understanding of your objectives and risk appetite, we develop and structure customized strategies and offer solutions to mitigate interest rate uncertainty and efficiently manage funding costs.

Common interest rate risk management strategies include:

  • Existing Debt Hedging: Tailored derivative solutions and applications that convert floating-rate debt to fixed-rate debt
  • Anticipatory Hedging: Create future rate certainty today and protect against rising rates on forecasted or anticipated financing
  • Tax-exempt Debt Hedging: Mitigate the risk of increasing municipal debt costs and impacts of tax reform

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If you would like to speak with us about current market conditions or details around our global markets risk management solutions, please contact our trading desk at 888.821.3600.




Market Insights

Market Insights is a video series dedicated to providing business owners and key decision-makers with unique insights from leading subject matter experts. Our latest installment focuses on global markets and provides answers to the critical questions that businesses are contemplating as they manage the risks associated with global operations.

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Q4 Global Markets Update

Hear Tony Bedikian, Head of Citizens Global Markets, provide an economic update and examine the factors that are impacting interest rates moving forward.

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Planning for the Current Rate Environment

Chris Pelletier, Director of Interest Rate Derivatives, explains what companies are doing to take advantage of the current interest rate environment.

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Daily FX

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Daily Foreign FiX Email

In response to our clients’ needs for up-to-date insights on exchange rate fluctuations, we are excited to offer you our complimentary and customized Foreign FiX. In this daily email, our FX experts provide commentary on the regions and currencies that your company deals with when engaging in international trade.

View today’s Foreign FiX for the Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD) and offshore Chinese Renminbi (CNH).


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Weekly Interest Rates

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Citizens Interest Rate Products Update

We publish weekly and breaking news updates that speak to the latest events impacting interest rates. View our recent update and subscribe below to receive these timely bulletins.

View our recent IRP Weekly Update:

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Monthly Newsletter

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Global Markets Monthly

We publish a monthly newsletter that speaks to the current U.S. business environment as well as international events impacting currency movements, rates and cross-border commerce. Our FX experts provide opportunities and transactions to consider based on current market conditions, as well as FX and interest rate trends.

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Special Briefings

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3Q19 Business Conditions Index Report

While trade tensions and a shifting rate environment pressured U.S. business sentiment in the third quarter, key economic signs remain positive and companies continue to post revenue growth, according to the Citizens Business Conditions Index™. In the latest report released by Citizens Commercial Banking, the index dropped from 61.2 to 60.2 but remained well above 50, showing continued confidence.

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Budgeting Foreign Exchange Rates: A Review of Current and Best Practices

At the intersection of business forecasting, sound financial planning and international commerce sits the process of budgeting foreign currency exchange (FX) rates. In this whitepaper, we explore the useful but delicate process of budgeting FX rates and the pros and cons of various approaches commonly employed by corporate finance professionals.

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Cross-Currency Swaps: An Effective Tool for Managing Currency Risk

Employing cross-currency interest rate swaps is no longer limited to Fortune 500 companies: an increasing number of corporate treasury and middle market companies are turning to this strategy to manage risk and take advantage of favorable market conditions. In this white paper, we explore the use of cross-currency swaps, their advantages and drawbacks, and the situations where these types of advanced hedging instruments are the right solutions for companies doing business internationally.

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FASB’s New Hedge Accounting Model: Implications for Currency Risk Management Strategies

In August of 2017, the Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) issued a major revision to the U.S. accounting rules for hedging and derivatives. Our briefing explains the update as well as focuses on how the changes will affect currency risk management strategies moving forward.

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